Capture Electronic Signatures on your Forms

Electronic SignatureWe have added a new Signature item that can be added to your form. You can now capture electronic signatures on forms by allowing visitors to sign with their mouse, finger, or stylus. This will help you to verify your users’ identities or allow your users to provide an extra layer of consent to your forms.

The Signature item will generate an image of the electronic signature that you can view with your results, depending on the format. For example, you will see these inline with the rest of the form results in most email formats. They can also be downloaded along with your Attachment item results.

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3 thoughts on “Capture Electronic Signatures on your Forms

  1. The feature would be very useful if it were able to be put into the results PDF function. I have the need for the signature to actually export to a custom Results PDF form, but in it currents setup, that is not possible.

    • You can map a Signature item into your Results PDF. For the best compatibility, we recommend mapping it to a paragraph/text-area field in your PDF. Then, when the PDF is populated, an image of the user’s signature will be overlayed onto the text-area.