Send Multiple Notifications for Every Response

Multiple Notifications

One of the most popular features of Formsite accounts is the built-in email notifications available at all service levels – even Free. The ability to send emails every time the form is submitted is, for many form owners, the most important part of the process. After all, with the ability to send multiple notifications in multiple formats with conditional logic, your form becomes the smart and automated leader of your communication and data collection programs.

Notification Basics

Every time your form is submitted it sends your entire list of notifications. If you have conditions set to limit sending, those are evaluated during the send. Sending multiple notifications is as easy as clicking the New button and making a new notification with your new content, recipient, or conditions.

The To address can either be defined on this page or from your form by selecting the option from the dropdown list on the To field. One of the most common uses for multiple notifications is to send one email to the form visitor as a verification of submission and another to the form owner informing them of another form result. To do this, add an Email Address item to your form and select that item as the To address, then create a second notification using your admin email address in the To field.

Multiple Notifications

The scenario above shows how and why to send 2 notifications, which is pretty common. When would you want to send more? Here are some ideas to consider:

Inform the team:
Use the notifications to keep the team or department in the loop. Add email addresses in the notification To box separated by commas and all addresses will receive an identical copy of the notification.

Conditional Logic

Increase the relevance:
Use the conditional logic tools to send only the necessary messages to each person. Combine with Results Views to create a truly smart notification system.

Make a copy:
Create a new email account and send a copy of every submission for future reference. If part of your process is to regularly clear out your results table, having a backup of every email can come in handy.

Send a text:
Do you know that text messages can be sent via email? Yes, you can send an email notification to a unique email address that will be converted to a text message by many of the most common U.S. wireless providers (search

Post to social media:
Similar to the text option above, there are services that allow you to send an email to post an update. From
IFTTT to Zapier, there are services that can take your email and post it automatically to your social media account. For example, you can configure your donation form to send a tweet with every donation over a certain amount.

7 thoughts on “Send Multiple Notifications for Every Response

  1. Thanks for the post Billy.
    I would love to know of a way for a notification to be sent to a “Radio button email routing” selection that can be entered/edited inside the form (i.e. with the form user’s email as a routing option)… I need a way of having a specific notification either go to the form user or to admin depending on the radio button selection without creating multiple notifications (as I will have many hundred notifications set up as it is and hope I don’t need to double it just to satisfy the email routing functionality)

    I hope to hear back soon!

    • Hi Mark! The email routing items are used when you have a list of known addresses that you want the visitor to choose from. If you want the visitor to enter an email address, the only option is to use an Email Address item where they can type or paste an email address. You can include multiple Email Address items on a form, though.

      In your case, you can have a Radio Button item where the visitor can choose their address or admin, then you can add two Email Address items and switch which one is shown (using Rules) depending on the answer to the radio button. The final step is to create two notifications: One for the visitor email and one for the admin email.

      Hope that helps! Thanks for the comment.

      • Thanks for your response!

        Was hoping to avoid the multiple notifications option, but seems like the only method at the moment… I would pay money to not have to set up another 400 notifications! hahah

    • You can find the results for each form by viewing your form list on the My Forms tab, then moving your mouse over the form you want and clicking the Results link for that form.

      If you have any trouble or need more urgent assistance, please contact our support staff at Thanks!

  2. Hello Billy! I’m triying to do a conditional Form, for mis employees of the company, where i can find that aplication?

    • Hello! You can set conditions for form items using the Form Editor->Rules page and that’s available with all forms. If I’ve misunderstood your question, please send a support request so we can help you faster: Thanks!