Release Notes: Email Notification & Output Formats

Our most recent release provides format updates, Notification updates, style updates, and lots more. See what has changed and how to work with the new features.

Formsite release workflow documentation

Email Notification formats

Formsite release notification formatsThe new release has optimized the selection of Notification formats. The new Notifications settings provide the following formats:

  • Table: Shows the results in the table format
  • PDF: Sends an attached PDF in the table format or custom Results PDF. Available for Pro 2 and higher service levels
  • Populated Form Link: Sends a link to open the form with the results populated

All formats can still use the Results Views and Results Labels, and can optionally be sent as a password link. The old ‘Secure Link’ format can be replicated by sending the Populated Form Link with a password.

Output formats

The ‘print’ and ‘PDF’ links have been removed in a few areas of the site, such as the individual result view and the Secure Link notification. Those functions are now much easier to use through the browser.

Formsite release save as PDFSingle page forms: Print a one-page form by viewing the form and using the browser’s print function by pressing ctrl+p (Windows) or cmd+p (Mac).

Also save forms and individual results as PDF files through the print function by selecting Save as PDF or selecting a PDF file as the print destination.

Multi-page forms: To see all of the pages for a multiple-page form:

  1. Enable the form’s Save & Return feature
  2. Create a temporary account and begin a new result without answering any questions
  3. Go to the form’s Results page and view the blank result
  4. Click the Populated Form link to see the complete form
  5. Follow the instructions for the Single page forms to print or save as a PDF file


Updates to the Workflow functions help streamline the creation of Workflows and assist with mapping.

Workflow Links now contain the Workflow mapping settings. The previous Workflow item mappings exist within each applicable link. To view the link’s mappings, click the link’s Edit link and modify as needed.

Formsite release workflow links

New Workflow documentation pages have also been added to help with the recent changes.

Release styles

This release includes new styling for the signup and login pages, the default Success Page, and error pages. The built-in Table format style also includes enhanced styling with larger text and a more readable layout.

Salesforce OAuth

A security enhancement to our Salesforce integration is the inclusion of the OAuth features, which allows customers to authenticate their Salesforce account without divulging the specific account access information.

Facebook social login

As a follow-up to our Google social login, we’ve added the ability to create accounts and log in to Formsite accounts with Facebook authentication.

6 thoughts on “Release Notes: Email Notification & Output Formats

  1. How to remove the “unsubscribe link” from the notification result email? and how to remove an email from the unsubscribed list?

    • The notifications have been modified recently to include the ability for recipients to unsubscribe from emails, and that cannot be removed from the email messages.

      If you have accidentally clicked the link and unsubscribed to your own email notifications, please contact our support staff for assistance.

  2. It used to be when you went to the “Share” section of the form, you could open a PDF version of the form to print. Printing the browser window with the open form does NOT reveal all the options from a drop-down menu the way the PDF form used to.
    I need to save a few massive forms that utilized a lot of drop-downs and I need to be able to see all the options we provided. What is my best option? One of the forms is a multi-page form and two of them are just long single-page forms.

    • The old ‘printable form’ version had lots of problems so it was removed in a recent release. The current method is to print using the browser, although it doesn’t show the Dropdown choices as you describe.

      The best option for doing that is to make a copy of your form, then edit the Dropdown items and change their types to a Radio Button item. That will display every choice as a Radio Button answer that you’re able to see.

      The single page forms can be printed with the browser by clicking the View Form button and using the built-in print function (ctrl+p).

      Multi-page forms will need a couple additional steps:
      1. Go to the Form Settings -> Save & Return page to enable Save & Return, then make a new account.
      2. Go to the form’s login page and log in using your new account, then immediately click Save.
      3. Go to the form’s Results page and view the blank result, then use the browser’s print function (ctrl+p).

      • What about having several different questions appearing depending on Rules? We also make forms with lots of hidden choices that only display when certain criteria are met. If we were to print them as you describe, we would have to print a copy with each possibility. In some cases, that would mean printing 25 or more different copies of a form.

        • I’m not sure what you’re asking. If you have 25 different versions of the form and you need to print all of them, you can either make modifications to your form and print each one as you need or you can use a more traditional document editor like Word to design and print your printed forms.

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