Analytics Tracking for Form Data Insights

Collecting orders, registrations, and other information is the primary purpose of forms and surveys. In addition to the answers collected, broader data is available like demographics, popularity, etc. This is where the analytics tools are helpful in quickly displaying that data in a visual and useful way.

Formsite analyticsTables, charts, and graphs are used to show the data as groups of answers so that you can quickly see how each group compares with the others, which assists form owners in improving their forms, optimizing conversions, and targeting the right visitors.

Formsite’s results analytics tools include:

  • Number of results per day
  • Technical statistics
  • Duration & Fall-off statistics
  • Individual Item Summary
  • Inventory & Scoring analysis
  • Cross-tabulation

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Coupon Code Items for Order Form Discounts

Formsite coupon codeOrder forms commonly have advanced calculation needs like adding tax, controlling inventory, or providing discounts, and it’s crucial that they’re easy to use and accurate. Providing discounts is an effective way to increase conversions and adding a Coupon Code item to your form makes it easy.

The basic use for the Coupon Code item is straightforward: Add the item to your form, then enter one or more text codes and their discount amount or percentage. Other settings and uses may not be as clear, such as:

  • What about discounting only certain items?
  • Can it do conditional discounts like require a minimum amount?
  • Is there a one time use coupon option?

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