Email Forms and Other Interactive Email Elements

Formsite email forms

Some form owners ask if it’s possible to send their forms through email for their recipients to complete. Instead of sending the actual link, the desire is to send the form in the body of the email message. Unfortunately, the short answer is no. The ability to email forms is not currently supported by most email clients.

Online forms in general appear as a graphical front-end to a database and need an actual web page to run the needed parts. For example, Rules to show and hide elements, multiple pages, Calculations, etc. need to track and respond to user input.

Email messages are simple text and basic HTML that are not able to perform these higher-level processes. In fact, many designers and email marketers know the struggle to design and develop email creative. Many styling and positioning techniques that seem simple are unusable in email creative.

Does that mean there’s no way to use forms with email? Not exactly, no.

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Share CSS with Embedded Forms

Embedding forms lets website owners display their Formsite forms seamlessly on the web page. Displaying like this is the easiest way to use a form on the site. Typically the form is added after the rest of the site is built and styled, and website designers often ask how to share CSS with the form.

Form owners access the form’s styles from the form editor under the Style link. The built-in themes and colors allow for quick styling with one click. The Customize link lets form owners further refine the styles of each aspect of the form. The CSS code for the form lives on the Advanced page, along with the HTML Head area.

Customizing the CSS to use the embedding site’s styles helps to display the form as part of the site. This is done through either the CSS or the HTML Head on the Style -> Advanced page.

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Email Attachments and Images in Notifications

Formsite email attachments

Form owners collect uploaded files through their forms using the File Upload item. These uploaded files display as links in the Results Table where they can be viewed and downloaded. Additionally, a convenient option for paid accounts includes sending an email Notification after each successful submission. These emails can contain the result information and a custom message, along with the uploaded files as email attachments.

Notification attachments can be either:

  • Email attachments
  • Images & links
  • Results as attachments
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