Save and Return replaces Form Login

save-and-returnSave and Return is the new name for our Form Login feature. All existing functionality remains the same, only the name has changed to be more descriptive.

Save and Return Features

The Save and Return feature allows users to create accounts that are associated with their form results. A user can use their account to save a partial form result and return later to finish it, or to view past form results. You can create users’ accounts ahead of time, or allow users to create their own accounts. You can also customize how many times the user is allowed to return.

We have also added new functionality that allows you to manually assign (or reassign) a Save & Return account to an existing form result. To do this, go to your form’s “Results > Summary Table” page. Then, click on a result row’s Username column.

The Save & Return feature is available to all Pro 1 level or higher Formsite accounts.

Formsite Forms Now Use jQuery

Formsite is changing its JavaScript library to jQuery starting immediately. This decision was in response to customer feedback and is part of our long-term strategic goal to provide superior service, diligent security, and consistently current technology.

Since 1998, Formsite has progressed through several JavaScript libraries including YUI, YUI-Ext, ExtJS, and now jQuery. As the leading JavaScript library, jQuery is used by over half of the top websites in the world. It is faster, smaller, and more popular than anything we have used in the past.

jQuery and Formsite Customers

  • All new forms will immediately take advantage of the change.
  • Existing forms will be automatically upgraded the next time you load them in the form editor.
  • Unedited forms will continue to work unchanged.


jQuery signature

The new Signature item is an example of a new feature that was built with jQuery. This feature allows for an additional layer of verification and is able to capture a signature using a mouse, stylus, or finger (with a compatible touch-enabled device, of course).

jQuery progress bar

The new upload progress bar is another example of a new feature that was built with jQuery. As a file is uploaded, the progress bar updates in real-time to give users feedback on the upload process. For older browsers, there is a built-in fall-back that shows a generic waiting animation instead.

Fields and Buttons Get More Look & Feel Settings

Several exciting updates have been added to the Look & Feel page to help you style your form and fields.

First, two new Look & Feel settings are now available to customize the size of text fields: “Field Font Size” and “Field Padding”. You can use these to make big, fluffy fields (or tiny, compact ones). This can be used to help attract attention to your form items, or to make them as concise as possible.

Look & Feel big fields.

Next, more Look & Feel options have been added to make fields and buttons rounder. Rounding can provide a nice, customized look to your form. Rounded corners will work in any modern browser, but please note that Internet Explorer 8 and below cannot support rounded corners.

Table Notification Format Improved

The Table Notification format has been improved with a new, modern style. Multiple choice questions now display answer choices as bullet lists. Matrix and Multi-Scale items now display separate rows for each sub-question. Combined, these Table improvements make answers for complex questions much easier to read.


Row colors alternate for each item. Multiple rows for a single item share the same color. Required questions are denoted with a red star.

All of these improvements help to make the Table email format look great in a wide variety of email programs. You can get started using the Table format for your emails at the Form -> Notifications page.

How to Make Image Buttons

Formsite has some advanced options that you can use to display an image as your form’s submit button.

First, you will need an image to use. Upload an image on your account’s “Account -> Files & Images” page. Then, copy the URL to where the image has been stored in your account. Keep this URL for later.

Big button.

Next, edit your form and go to the Look & Feel page. On the Look & Feel page, go to the Advanced tab. The Advanced tab allows you to directly edit your form’s CSS. Find the section for “.submit_button”, this CSS class controls your form’s submit button. Replace this entire section with the following:

.outside_container .submit_button {
background: url(/example/images/big-button.png);
border: none;
padding: 0;
height: 150px;
width: 150px;

Set the background to be the URL to your image. Set the height and width to match your image’s size. Then, save the Look & Feel page.

Lastly, go to your form’s “Form -> Custom Text -> Custom Text” page. Find the “Submit” label for the submit button and replace it with a single space. This will remove the label text from the button so that it will not obscure the image.


Reports Feature has Arrived

Formsite has a new Reports feature. It allows you to share your form’s results with your users. This can be very useful. Reports can be viewed in two formats: Table format and Chart format.

Table Report Format

Table format shows your form’s results as a table. There is one row per result. The user can sort the table and resize the columns. You can optionally allow users to edit results from the table. All form data is available in the table. This includes: Order Form totals, Scoring totals, Form Login information, etc.


Chart Report Format

Chart format shows your form’s results as charts. There is one chart per form item. Users can select which item to view. The chart can be toggled to a pie chart or bar chart.



In cases where security is required, you can also add a password or restrict what data is included by using Views and Filters. You can create multiple reports with different settings and give them to different sets of users.

New Rounded Corners

We have a new Look & Feel option to set rounded corners for form fields. With the arrival of Internet Explorer 10 and the decrease in older versions of Internet Explorer, we can now begin to offer more advanced Look & Feel options.

Rounded Corners

Rounded corners will work in any modern browser. Internet Explorer 8 and below cannot support rounded corners.

New Choice Editor

Formsite has a new choice editor for multiple choice items. Previously, choices were stored by position; adding or removing choices would cause data in stored results to shift, potentially causing inaccuracies. The new choice editor tracks choice changes and updates stored results accordingly.

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New Calculations Feature

Have you ever needed your form to calculate a value based on a user’s input? With our new Calculations feature, your form can now do this.

For example, if you have a text field for “length” and a text field for “width”, you can set up an equation that multiplies these fields together to calculate a user’s square footage value.

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