International Tools for Global Customers

Formsite international formsFormsite customers from all corners of the world are able to create forms to meet their needs. Localized forms help international customers make forms with more than just translated text, but also the correct format and currency.

Ways Formsite supports international customers include:

  • Custom Text
  • Translate ability
  • Currency Settings
  • Pre-fill Choices
  • Filters & Routing
  • Rules

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Order Form Items Breakdown & When to Use Each

Formsite order form items commonCreating order forms is a popular need for Formsite customers, whether to collect event fees, sell products, or process any kind of payment. Using the correct form items in a new order form is essential for making a form that works as intended. For example, there is a difference between the Dropdown item from the Common Items area and the Dropdown Pricing item from the Order Form Items area. Order form items provide form owners with the tools needed to build efficient and accurate orders.

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Service Level Basics, Features, and Limits

Every Formsite account has a service level that determines the maximum number of forms allowed, results per form, items per form, and features accessible. These service levels are listed on the pricing page along with their limits. Each service level is also listed on the detailed features page with its available features.

New customers frequently ask which service level is best for their needs, and this article outlines the levels, their limits, and which one is right for every need.

Formsite service level features pricing

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Group Email Lists for Easy Bulk Notifications

Formsite group email notifications

Sending email notifications when forms are submitted is a core function of Formsite that many customers rely on for fast communication of new results. If there is a need for more than a few recipients, however, the Notifications settings page can become complicated. Luckily, there are options for setting up group email lists to make sending to multiple recipients easy.

Known as group email lists, distribution lists, or contact lists, these lists of email addresses automatically sent a copy of the message when the group receives the email.

Benefits to using group email lists include:

  • Ability to monitor and manage list recipients outside of Formsite
  • Create multiple lists for separate departments, projects, etc.
  • Set account email as email list address to allow more than one account owner
  • Send Scheduled Exports to a single address and reach multiple recipients
  • Create a new address to receive notification copies as an ongoing backup
  • Send uploaded files as attachments for file backups, also

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Kiosk Mode for Forms: Restart, Register Multiples & More

Formsite kiosk auto restart formForms that restart automatically are referred to as ‘kiosk’ forms. These are used as stand-alone forms that collect responses and start again at the beginning to self-reset for the next form visitor. Examples of common kiosk forms are:

  • Contest entries
  • Guest book
  • Voting
  • Surveys
  • Timesheets

A similar concept is restarting the form but retaining some of the information from the original form. An example use would be registering more than one person or creating multiple appointment reservations.

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Avoid Spam Filters with Better Email Notifications

A question we receive often from form owners is how to get email notifications through the recipient’s spam filters. While there are no tricks to always get through all filters, there are some tips on how to avoid most spam filters.

These tips include:

  • Formsite avoid spam filter emailMake sure it’s useful and relevant
  • Personalization for unique messages
  • Use fewer links and typically-spammy content
  • Do not use the same To and From address
  • Use the right tool for the message

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Import Results for Restoring Backups, Copy Forms & More

An option for form owners is to make a backup of the form’s results data from the Results -> Export page. Whether keeping results in the Results Table for permanent storage or exporting and deleting to make room, using the backup and import features can be tricky. Here are some tips for backing up and importing results.

Formsite import results Results Table

What does Import do?

The Results -> Import page adds rows to the Results Table. Some examples of times when this is useful:Formsite import results icons

  • Restoring backed-up results
  • Importing results into a newly-copied form
  • Adding pre-filled results for Save & Return

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Form Header & Footer Use and Tips

Formsite form header footerOne of the lesser-known features of Formsite forms are the form Header & Footer settings page. These areas let form owners insert content that appears on every page of the form, and can include images, text, and some custom HTML.

The most common use for the form header is to insert the organization’s logo and other branding elements. Other ideas for the form header and footer include:


  • Logo and branding
  • Personalization and pre-populated content
  • Instructions and tips for completing the form


  • Custom scripts (Javascript and/or analytics tracking code)
  • Legal links (terms of use, privacy policy, etc.)
  • Contact information

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Image Instructions: A Reference Guide for All Service Levels

Whether it’s a logo, product image, or simply an interesting background, adding images to forms and other places helps to communicate with form visitors.

Formsite form owners at every service level can add images to forms, success pages, notifications, and virtually every other possible location. Past articles contain instructions for adding images, using the built-in and external hosting, and adding mobile-friendly styles.

Formsite image

This article combines the basics from those previous articles into a one-stop reference guide for using images with your Formsite account.

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