Email Routing Items for Smarter Forms

Formsite email routing itemsSending multiple emails with every form response is one of our strongest features that virtually every form uses. Addressing the email messages is done by either manually entering email addresses or by using one of the Email Address items in your form. The Email Routing items are powerful tools that not many know about and they can help you make more efficient and useful notifications.

Email To: Field

The To: address in your notifications can be set in two ways:

  1. Manually add one or more complete email addresses separated by commas
  2. Connect to an Email Address or Email Routing item from the Email Items area in the form editor

The standard Email Address item is common and easy to understand, but what about the other available items?

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Credit Card Payments Are Easy & Secure With Formsite

Formsite credit card paymentsMaking an order form is a typical goal for a large number of Formsite account owners and the most common need is to collect credit card payments. We have made it easy and secure by building our payment systems that are integrated with the form and results. Our integration means that collecting the credit card numbers is done by the payment processor, and tracking the transaction status and history happens automatically.

The integrations with PayPal,, and Stripe are built to connect your Formsite form directly to your payment account so that there is no need to collect credit card information. This is important because it completely removes the risk of the payment information falling into the wrong hands.

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HIPAA Compliant Online Forms to Collect & Store PHI

Formsite HIPAA compliant formsFormsite makes collecting protected health information (PHI) possible through its HIPAA service, which provides a compliant system for healthcare companies to collect and store form data securely. Accounts at the Enterprise service level are able to request a business associate agreement (BAA) and enable the HIPAA-compliant settings to fully commit to the rules dictated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

Organizations that work with healthcare or personal health-related information are undoubtedly aware of the requirements outlined by HIPAA, along with the need for a fully-compliant system that helps collect and protect health information. Formsite has the ability to enable these organizations to build protected online forms, which can include:

  • Medical history forms
  • Patient registration forms
  • Prescription forms
  • Medical and dental record request forms
  • Appointment requests
  • Referral forms
  • Healthcare payment forms

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Analytics Tracking for Form Data Insights

Collecting orders, registrations, and other information is the primary purpose of forms and surveys. In addition to the answers collected, broader data is available like demographics, popularity, etc. This is where the analytics tools are helpful in quickly displaying that data in a visual and useful way.

Formsite analyticsTables, charts, and graphs are used to show the data as groups of answers so that you can quickly see how each group compares with the others, which assists form owners in improving their forms, optimizing conversions, and targeting the right visitors.

Formsite’s results analytics tools include:

  • Number of results per day
  • Technical statistics
  • Duration & Fall-off statistics
  • Individual Item Summary
  • Inventory & Scoring analysis
  • Cross-tabulation

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Coupon Code Items for Order Form Discounts

Formsite coupon codeOrder forms commonly have advanced calculation needs like adding tax, controlling inventory, or providing discounts, and it’s crucial that they’re easy to use and accurate. Providing discounts is an effective way to increase conversions and adding a Coupon Code item to your form makes it easy.

The basic use for the Coupon Code item is straightforward: Add the item to your form, then enter one or more text codes and their discount amount or percentage. Other settings and uses may not be as clear, such as:

  • What about discounting only certain items?
  • Can it do conditional discounts like require a minimum amount?
  • Is there a one time use coupon option?

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Set Answer Limits on Formsite Form Items

Formsite answer limitsThere are times when form owners want to limit the number of selections or only allow a max number of selected choices. There are a few methods to set answer limits depending on the kind of items used and whether you want to limit a single question’s answers or multiple items in your form.

For example, items that ask for multiple answers can frequently use the built-in min/max settings to limit the number of answers allowed. If you have a need to limit the number of chosen answers for other types of items, however, you will need to use another method.

The first consideration is whether you’re using a Radio Button or Checkbox item:

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Year End Recommendations & Tips for Formsite Forms

Formsite year end verify profileThe end of the year is the perfect time to perform some account maintenance and review your forms. Overall activity is typically slower for many people, and the year end is a convenient and memorable time to make changes.

Some recommended changes and useful tips include:

  • Verify contact information
  • Results backup & maintenance
  • Review integration settings
  • Check for Mass Email Permissions
  • Refresh form content & styles

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Sub-users Setup, Permissions & Best-practices

Formsite sub-users menuThe ability to give someone access to a Formsite account without turning over full ownership is a popular and useful one for many organizations. Whether there are multiple departments that share the account or clients who need the ability to see their forms without seeing others’, the sub-users feature enables all that and more.

What is a sub-user?

  • A sub-user is an account with access to the Formsite account, with permissions to access forms and results.
  • A sub-user is not a visitor to your form.
  • A sub-user is not a Save & Return account.

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Release notes: Track Visitor Fall-off, New Themes & More

Our latest release includes the normal behind-the-scenes updates along with a few visible ones, including:

  • Fall-off Statistics
  • New Themes & Colors
  • Coupon code limit option

Formsite release analyticsNew Analytics Tool

The leading news in the latest release is the addition of a new analytics chart showing form visitor fall-off, which shows where in your form your incomplete results occur. This chart is available with forms containing multiple pages and shows the highest page your visitors complete.

This is useful when optimizing your forms for maximum conversions and when troubleshooting high abandon rates or incomplete results.

Formsite release fall-off statistics

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Form Editor Tips for Faster Form Building & Editing

Formsite form editor tips multi-select editWhether you’re new to Formsite or a veteran form builder, learning new form editor tips can help you create and manage your forms more efficiently.

For example, did you know that you can add a new item to the next available position in your form with a double-click? The drag-and-drop editor is useful for designing and editing your form, but nothing beats the double-click for adding items to your form fast.

Our top form editor tips are:

  1. Multi-select your form items
  2. Copy items & styles from other forms
  3. Paste your answers

For more tips on selecting, editing, and copying items, read more ›