Order Review Page: How to Customize & Other Tips

Formsite order forms give form builders many powerful tools for accepting orders and payments. A feature of our system is the automatic Order Review page that is added to the end of every order form that displays the order details and the payment methods set up by the form owner.

Formsite order review

The Order Review page is a common source of questions like:

  • How do I modify the order summary table?
  • Can I modify the order items and quantities?
  • How do I add content to the order summary page?
  • How do I skip the order summary page?

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Piping How-to & Tips for Dynamic Formsite Forms

Formsite pipingPiping is one of the most powerful tools available to form builders, as it allows for viewing and using form answers later in the form. The ability to collect and insert values into messages, other form fields, and file names lets form builders create dynamic systems for personalization and organization.

Formsite’s methods for piping include features that allow form owners to target system data, set default text, and chain together multiple pipe codes to construct complex personalization or naming values.

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File Upload for Collecting Files with Formsite Forms

Some form owners have the need to collect uploaded files with their form results, as with registration forms, expense reports, contest entry forms, and many others. The File Upload item allows Formsite form builders to accept attachments with their forms. The most basic use of the item is easy to grasp, but there are some additional considerations and techniques that can be used to increase the usefulness of the File Upload item.

Formsite file upload sample

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Amazon AWS Outage Impact on Formsite

Amazon AWSFormsite uses Amazon AWS to host our infrastructure and today they experienced an issue that caused widespread outages across multiple data centers. The AWS outage affected a large number of websites and online services, and the exact cause hasn’t yet been identified.

The architecture Formsite uses is spread across multiple data centers, but the issue impacted multiple data centers and made our outages unavoidable. The effects to Formsite included the inability to connect and log in to Formsite accounts, the inability to upload attachments to forms, and disruption of emails that may not have been delivered during the outage.

Important: The outage did not impact any saved data. Also, for those customers who were able to connect to forms and were able to successfully submit, the results were saved as normal. This outage affected the connections only—not the storage.

We will be evaluating what lessons we can learn and changes we can make to improve our communication during rare events like this. Today’s AWS outage was posted to our social channels at Facebook and Twitter, and our customer support staff stayed on point to communicate the status through the entire event.

Multiple Pages, Intro Pages & Other Page Tips

Formsite multiple pagesA common question is how to make a form with multiple pages, which is easily done by adding Page Break items to the form. That is only the beginning of the possibilities, though. Other questions related to form pages include:

  • How to make an intro page?
  • How to require a login after the intro page?
  • How to disable going back to a previous page?
  • How to skip pages based on answers to questions?
  • How to repeat pages based on an entered number?

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Custom Branding: How to use Images, Fonts & Colors

Formsite forms can be fully customized by form owners at all service levels, which allows for complete control over the forms’ appearance. Adding logos and images is a great way to communicate basic brand attributes and set the tone of your form, as well as apply any custom branding requirements like fonts and colors.

Formsite custom branding

Adding Logos & Images

There are three basic places where images can be added:

  1. Form items:
    • The Image item is the easiest way to add an individual image.
    • Image List items are used to include images with a radio button or checkbox item.
    • The Heading item allows you to add a text box with your image as a background image.
    • The Formatted Text item lets you add images along with your text.
  2. Form Header/Footer:
    • The Header/Footer link in the Form Editor lets you add text or images that appear on every page of your form.
  3. Page or Form Background:
    • The Style page allows you to add images for the page or form background using the tools on the Customize page.

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Email Routing Items for Smarter Forms

Formsite email routing itemsSending multiple emails with every form response is one of our strongest features that virtually every form uses. Addressing the email messages is done by either manually entering email addresses or by using one of the Email Address items in your form. The Email Routing items are powerful tools that not many know about and they can help you make more efficient and useful notifications.

Email To: Field

The To: address in your notifications can be set in two ways:

  1. Manually add one or more complete email addresses separated by commas
  2. Connect to an Email Address or Email Routing item from the Email Items area in the form editor

The standard Email Address item is common and easy to understand, but what about the other available items?

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Credit Card Payments Are Easy & Secure With Formsite

Formsite credit card paymentsMaking an order form is a typical goal for a large number of Formsite account owners and the most common need is to collect credit card payments. We have made it easy and secure by building our payment systems that are integrated with the form and results. Our integration means that collecting the credit card numbers is done by the payment processor, and tracking the transaction status and history happens automatically.

The integrations with PayPal, Authorize.net, and Stripe are built to connect your Formsite form directly to your payment account so that there is no need to collect credit card information. This is important because it completely removes the risk of the payment information falling into the wrong hands.

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HIPAA Compliant Online Forms to Collect & Store PHI

Formsite HIPAA compliant formsFormsite makes collecting protected health information (PHI) possible through its HIPAA service, which provides a compliant system for healthcare companies to collect and store form data securely. Accounts at the Enterprise service level are able to request a business associate agreement (BAA) and enable the HIPAA-compliant settings to fully commit to the rules dictated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

Organizations that work with healthcare or personal health-related information are undoubtedly aware of the requirements outlined by HIPAA, along with the need for a fully-compliant system that helps collect and protect health information. Formsite has the ability to enable these organizations to build protected online forms, which can include:

  • Medical history forms
  • Patient registration forms
  • Prescription forms
  • Medical and dental record request forms
  • Appointment requests
  • Referral forms
  • Healthcare payment forms

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