Word Mail Merge for Personalized Documents

Do you have a need for making custom personalized documents in Microsoft Word using your Formsite results? Consider your donation form or registration form — what if you could send every visitor a custom thank-you or confirmation letter with their information pre-filled?

Formsite Word template

You can! Simply export your Formsite results and use them as a data source in Microsoft Word, then add individual fields to your Word document for a totally customized version of the doc. You can then run the project when you’re ready and Word will automatically create all of your documents for you.

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Responsive Forms Setup & Customization

Mobile-friendly web pages are a must-have for giving your site visitors a usable experience and for increasing your visibility with search engines. The most efficient way to display your page and forms correctly on both full-size and mobile displays is to make them responsive. That means they respond to the size of the display and let designers specify styles to apply for different sized displays.

Responsive Online Forms

Mobile Responsive Form SettingsFormsite forms are responsive by default. If your form is old or you’re using a copy of an old form and your form does not show the mobile-friendly appearance on a mobile device, your form may have the setting disabled. You can change the Mobile responsive setting by going to the Form Editor -> Style -> Advanced page.

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Form Settings to Enhance Your Form

Formsite form settingsEvery Formsite form has settings that you can customize to enhance your form’s security, description, and access. Your form settings can greatly increase the usability of your forms by both visitors and account users, and the security on both the account side and the visitor’s side.

Your form’s General Settings can be found under the Form Settings link and include:

  • Description
  • Open/Close
  • Security
  • Daily Summary

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Use Results Views to Focus Your Results

Your form results include many parts that are included by the Formsite system, such as the result status, time stamp, and referrer, and there may be a time when you don’t want to see everything. Or there may be a need to see only one or two values from a larger form. Results Views let you view or use specific results columns.

As part of the built-in results enhancement tools, Results Views let you focus your results’ displays wherever they occur. Along with Filters and Labels, Views lets you create custom email notifications, reports, integrations, exports, and any other function that uses your result data.

Results Views

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Form SPAM Automatic Protection by Formsite

Form SPAM CAPTCHA ItemSPAM appears in many forms as it dilutes real information and creates suspicious cynics of us all. Where email SPAM can send a million copies of the same pre-constructed message to a huge list of addresses, form SPAM can only connect and complete each form one at a time. This limitation gives us an edge for protecting your forms.

The overlying method for preventing form SPAM is to verify that the form visitor is a real person and not a computer program; often referred to as a ‘bot’ (short for ‘robot’). Techniques for confirming the visitor as human are to use simple interactive elements that expose the behavioral differences between humans and bots.

The first line of defense

Formsite has built-in security measures to monitor and prevent many problems with online forms, including fraudulent submissions by bots. Our system uses several layered techniques to alert us when problems may be present and helps us to automatically protect against non-legitimate form visitors.

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Order Forms Made Easy With Formsite

Order forms are a special kind of form where a quantity of a product or service is requested. Often a payment is made but it’s not required, and special items are needed to choose a quantity and set a price or score.

Order Forms Sample

Examples of order forms include:

  • Products with additional choices like size and color
  • Event registrations with a fee
  • Subscriptions for a recurring service
  • Expense reports

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Save & Return Features, Settings, and Tips

One of our most useful features is Save & Return, which gives your form visitors the ability to save their progress on your form. Using this feature is mostly straightforward but there are some settings and features that form owners should be aware of.

For example:

  • Do I need to add the Save & Return item to my form?
  • What do the settings do?
  • How do I link to my form?
  • How do Notifications work with it?
  • Can I Pre-populate?
  • Does it work with embedded forms?

Save & Return Form

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