Send Multiple Notifications for Every Response

Multiple Notifications

One of the most popular features of Formsite accounts is the built-in email notifications available at all service levels – even Free. The ability to send emails every time the form is submitted is, for many form owners, the most important part of the process. After all, with the ability to send multiple notifications in multiple formats with conditional logic, your form becomes the smart and automated leader of your communication and data collection programs.

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Form Optimization for More Results & Conversions

Optimize ConversionsDo you have an order form or lead generation form that you want to get more results? Conversion optimization is a recently coined term that essentially means making your form or web page as easy as possible for visitors to complete your ideal goal.

Whether your ideal goal is to get orders, leads, or any other information, the fundamental concept is selling the form visitor on completing your form.

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Pre-populate Forms for Advanced Targeting

Pre-populate formsA popular feature of online forms is the ability to personalize the form for each visitor. You can add known information to some form fields to make it easier to complete and reduce the likelihood of errors. You can even add data to hidden fields to track and target certain demographics and behaviors. Our Pre-populate function makes it possible by adding variable text to the URL that tells the form where and what to insert.

An overview of pre-populating can be found in a previous article which outlines the basic usage. An example of a pre-populate link is:


What if you wanted to do the same thing with an embedded form? What about changing the value dynamically using Javascript or PHP?

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Workflow Forms for Approvals & Follow-ups

Connecting forms to multiple people for approvals, follow-ups, and other multi-step systems is what we call Workflow. While there are other ways to pass information between forms (as we outlined in a previous blog post), this feature lets the system automate the process for you.


What is Workflow?

Scenario: You are tasked with making an online expense report. You will need to create your form that sends the employee’s expenses to their supervisor for approval before submitting.

Note: This same idea works for any process that requires a middle step, such as referrals for application forms, customer support forms, human resources forms, etc.

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Filter Your Results for Focused Data

As your forms collect information over time, you may find a need to filter that information to make it more useful. Maybe you want to send all form results with a specific answer to a specific place, or see an automated chart showing just the important numbers.

Filter chart

That’s where our Results Filters come in handy. Filters allow you to set up conditions that you can then apply to a variety of actions, like results exports, our integrations, custom reports and more.

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Bitcoin Payments for Your Order Forms

Accept payments in Bitcoin with your Formsite form! As the first truly digital global currency, Bitcoin is real money and can be used in an ever-growing number of online and offline locations. Superstar payment-processing company Stripe now allows Bitcoin payments, and we have updated our Stripe integration to pass that feature along to you.

With more retailers and services relying on online transactions, this digital currency offers many advantages on both sides of the transaction that you can now take advantage of with your Formsite order form.

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More theme styles for your forms

Form style examplesNow available for all Formsite accounts is the addition of theme styles in the Look & Feel tools. To complement the theme colors, the new styles chooser lets you apply multiple settings to your form that follow major style categories like Modern, Classic, Casual, and Airy. To top it off, we’ve also added the live preview of your form so you can see your style choices instantly.

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Easy Quiz Forms Using Scoring & Success Pages

quizOnline tests are a popular request from more than teachers. Organizations of all kinds have expressed the need for quiz forms, tests, or any sort of answer scoring and evaluation.

For our customers who want to make an online quiz, Formsite has put together a simple and powerful combination of features to do exactly that. Using Scoring, Success Pages, and Rules, you can create your own browser-based test that automates the collection and scoring.

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Connect forms and pass information for approvals, follow-ups, multiple payment options and more.

Creating workflows that connect forms and share information is a popular request by many customers. So popular, in fact, that we created an extensive Workflow feature to automate form linking and mapping information between forms. As useful as the Workflow feature is, sometimes all you need is to connect Form A to Form B.

Connect Forms

Some examples of where connecting forms is useful include:

  • Approval: A visitor sends a form response to someone else, who then sends another response with information added to the original.
  • Follow-up: A visitor sends a form response to someone who replies with a different form containing the original information plus additional questions.
  • Special Payment Form: A visitor has the option to pay in full or by multiple recurring payments, which requires 2 separate forms with different payment settings.

Is it possible to connect multiple forms together and pass information between them? Yes!

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