12/03/98 – Version 0.97

  • Option to prevent a user form filling out a form more than once (multiple submissions).
  • Duplicate form submissions are no longer accepted.
  • Form results can be updated or deleted by form owner.
  • Date and time of form submission/update is now stored.
  • Host address of person submitting a form is now stored and is displayed along with form results.

11/25/98 – Version 0.96

  • Backgrounds can now be easily incorporated into forms. FrontPage 98 backgrounds can be used directly from FromSite.com.
  • Ability to incorporate <HEADER> and <BODY> tag attributes for advanced users.
  • Display options for required form items.
  • Faster inserting / updating of form items.
  • Improved navigation.

11/01/98 – Version 0.95

  • After successful alpha testing, we have moved to beta test phase. Part of this phase is allowing new users to begin using the service while additional features are added.