Mobile Optimized Forms

Mobile OptimizedOur most recent release contains a few new features to help with both front-end compatibility and back-end workflow. The most visible feature is the new Mobile Friendly switch we’ve included in the Look & Feel page for all forms.

Accessed on the Advanced/CSS tab within Look & Feel, the Mobile Friendly switch is on by default for new forms (off for existing forms) and applies certain style definitions that provide a mobile optimized experience. These style definitions include making the form fields a little bigger for easier finger tapping, zooming the page to fill the screen by default, and other subtle usability enhancements.

We have included the switch to allow customers to decide for themselves whether they want or need the mobile optimization, as well as the ability to disable these definitions for maximum control of form styles. Visit our documentation page for more information about how we optimize Formsite forms for mobile devices.

2 thoughts on “Mobile Optimized Forms

  1. The mobile friendly settings still do not apply in the embed code. I purchased a domain name just so I didn’t have to give customers a really long link. So I copy and paste the embed code inside the header. The form comes up fine, but it is not optimized on my mobile phone like it is if I go directly to a link. I would love to see a fix for the embed feature in the future. Or maybe I missed something.

    • Thanks for asking. The mobile friendly code acts upon the form itself, whereas when you use the embed code, the form will fit itself to the width of the container element that you put it in. Also, when you copy the embed code, there is a “width” parameter that you can modify to specify how it should size itself for the page you are inserting into. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at