Use HTTPS for Secure Forms

https formsAs a response to the higher focus on internet security, Formsite has enabled secure form connections (HTTPS) for all forms at all service levels. Previous to this release, only Pro 1 and higher service levels were able to use the secure form link. This new feature expansion now enables Free and Deluxe service level customers the ability to provide secure form links to their form visitors.

What is HTTPS?

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS is that the S stands for Secure. HTTPS encrypts and decrypts traffic between the web server and your browser, which protects against eavesdropping and unknowingly exposing your form information. Any connections that pass sensitive information, such as shopping sites, banking transactions, any authenticated sessions, etc., have used HTTPS as a standard for many years, but use by the general internet has been mostly unnecessary until now.

In addition to the security benefits, Google has announced that it will encourage internet-wide preference for secure connections by applying bonus search position for secure links. While this is a benefit for search marketers, the goal of the bonus is to encourage the use of secure links and increase the security of all sites.

How does HTTPS affect my forms?

Formsite customers have had the option of using Secure Forms, which includes secure links, as a part of Pro 1 and higher service levels. The choice to use it makes all of your form submissions encrypted between your browser and the web server, and is now available to all forms at all service levels. The effect on your forms will only be noticeable in the link URL, which will now begin with ‘https’.

All Formsite forms at all service levels are now able to use HTTPS, including Free & Deluxe.

Current form links & Embedded forms: Existing forms will continue to be accessible via http or https, including embedded forms. Updating your form links is not necessary, but we recommend updating to the secure link if it’s practical. Using the secure link is recommended for all future form links, also.

Secure Forms vs. HTTPS: The Secure Form setting within your Formsite account under the Form Settings -> Security page is not the same as HTTPS. Previously this was the method for turning on the HTTPS access, but the setting includes other form security features that continue to be available to Pro 1 and higher customers. These features include prohibiting standard http connections, requiring password protection for reports, and other security-related items.

As always, we welcome questions and comments by contacting Formsite support.

4 thoughts on “Use HTTPS for Secure Forms

  1. Hello,

    I am receiving the below error message when trying to access payment form page and clicking on the red button “REGISTER”.

    An error has occurred
    This form must be accessed via a secure (https) connection. To keep your data secure, change the URL to begin with “https”.
    Go Back

    I have change the settings on “Configure” page but still get error message. Any suggestions? Thx.

    • Yes, when you set the Secure Form setting on the Configure page, you need to access the form using ‘https’ instead of ‘http’. You can solve the problem on your web page by changing the REGISTER button’s link from http to https.

  2. One of our users, using a Mac gets a message ‘This form must be submitted via a secure (https) connection. To keep your data secure, your submission has been refused.’

    How do we overcome this please?

    • That means your form must be accessed via the secure link, for example:

      http:// = not secure
      https:// = secure (note the ‘s’)

      You can remove the secure form requirement in your account under Form -> Configure, then clicking the Security tab. Alternatively, you can instruct the visitor to use the secure address.

      If they are clicking a link that you have distributed, for example in an email or on your site, then you should update that link to the secure version.