Use Inventory to limit available items

Do you have a need to only offer a fixed number of items? For example, maybe you have an order form and you want to sell your products but you don’t want to charge people if you run out. Or maybe you provide a service and you want to allow your visitors to register for specific times, but you want to avoid double-booking the same time. FormSite’s Inventory feature does more than manage products. Let Inventory limit the number of items, times, or seats available on your form.

Always show inventory

Ideas For Inventory

Use Inventory whenever you need to limit the number of results you receive for an item.

  • Appointments & Events:¬†Inventory can help you by allowing only a single result per time slot or seats.
  • Classes, Conferences & Groups:¬†Use Inventory to keep your groups at a manageable size by limiting the number of total responses.
  • Products & Tangible Items:¬†Avoid over-selling by adding your quantities to your order forms.

Basic Inventory Use

All multi-select items (radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown lists) have the ability to set a quantity amount. When you add one of these items to your form, click the Inventory tab and insert the number of items you have available and the system will automatically keep track of the number of items you sell. Once your inventory is gone, your form visitors will no longer be able to order that item.

What happens when your visitors reach your form? Depending on your preferences, there are 3 options for displaying the quantity remaining:

  1. Always – If you always want to indicate how many of an item are available when the visitor first sees your form, choose this option.Always show inventory
  2. On Error – If you only want to show how many are left if the visitor chooses an unavailable item, choose this option.Show inventory on error
  3. Never – If you never want to show your inventory counts, choose this option.Never show inventory

Inventory Custom Messages

If your visitor tries to select an item with a zero (0) remaining quantity, they will get an error message of “Insufficient Quantity Remaining”. You can modify that message on your form by going to Form -> Custom Text page.

For more information on Inventory visit our documentation page, or contact us with your questions or comments.

12 thoughts on “Use Inventory to limit available items

    • Inventory counts the number of items in your results table, so if you want to change the number of items remaining in inventory you need to either delete results or increase the number available.

  1. Is there anyway to tie an single inventory to multiple form items? In my example, families are registering their children for classes and the classes have limits. The form is a registration for families, so they enter some family info and then info for each child, which includes the class to register for, so there is a class item for each student.

    • You don’t need to connect multiple items; just set the inventory on the class item for each student. There’s no way to tie the inventory to multiple items, though.

      • Actually, I figured it out…I can use a repeating page for the student info and it will pull from a single inventory. Thanks for the help!

  2. I am setting up a booking form for clients to book a spray tan. I want them to be able to book a date and time, and if the date and time is already been scheduled for the time not to show or to show unavailable. Could you assist me it setting this up.

    • That’s a perfect use of the Inventory function. You’ll need to find the best way for you to manage how much advance time you want to provide. I’d suggest setting up this month and next month – that way you can update your form at the end of every month but still give customers the ability to schedule appointments well in advance.

      The Calendar item doesn’t work with Inventory so you’ll need to use one of the basic form elements like checkboxes, radio buttons, or dropdowns. Start by adding a dropdown with either ‘this month’ and ‘next month’, or with the actual month names. Next, add two dropdowns with the dates for each month (1-30, or whichever is appropriate for the month).

      Next, you will want to add the appointment times for a single day. Add checkboxes to enable multiple sessions or dropdowns for easy single sessions – whatever your needs dictate. In the item settings window, click the Inventory tab and set the inventory for each time to be 1 and choose to display the quantity either always or on error. You can change the label and error by going to Form -> Custom Text -> Custom Text.

      Once you have the single day set with the times and inventory, you will need to make copies of each day. I would suggest making a single week, adjusting the label of each day to show the correct day (Sunday, Feb 7), then using the Multi-select function in the form editor to copy the entire week. Once you have all of the days copied, the next thing to do is to go to the Rules page and make rules to show each day.

      Start with the two dropdowns listing the dates of the month and set each one to show when the ‘this/next month’ item is either this month or next month, whichever is appropriate. Next, create rules for each of the time items to show if the date dropdown is the appropriate value.

      Feel free to modify this process to fit your own needs. If you have any more questions or problems and would like us to take a look at your form, please contact our customer support staff for prompt assistance.


      • This seems like a massive amount of work to perform such a simple task since your calendar doesn’t function with the inventory system. Can you provide a mock form like this so I don”t have to create 365 individual items?

        • That’s only if you want to give the ability to choose any date for the entire year. If you limit it to this month and next month then it’s much less of an issue, and you can update it easily at the beginning of every month in just a few minutes.

  3. Hi, I’m doing a RSVP form, just wondering if there is any way to make the form such that a waiting list option appears when inventory is ‘0’ and that they can only see that option?

    • Unfortunately, we do not currently have a way to setup rules based on the remaining inventory amount, but you could have another item to prompt the user to select a waitlist option that would either get shown all the time, or after they click in another checkbox, etc.
      If you have any further questions, feel free to send a message to our customer support staff at Thanks!