3 ways to Mass Email your form visitors

Mass EmailStaying connected to people who have submitted your form is a useful feature for many form owners. For example, your event registration form can send an email reminder of an important upcoming date. Another use would be for an online store to send sale notifications to past customers. The possibilities are endless!

FormSite has created a few ways to easily email your form visitors:

Mass Email

Our Mass Email function inside your FormSite account makes it possible to send text or HTML email to your entire results table. This built-in function allows account owners to manually send email messages without having to process the results table. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Important note: To remain in compliance with the CAN-SPAM act, we need permission by every form result to send mass email. The Mass Email Permission item places a checkbox on your form asking for permission to send future email.

The Mass Email function will not operate unless the form contains the permission item and the form visitors have given their opt-in.

The Mass Email feature also allows form owners to use a Results Filter to send to a segment of the results table instead of the entire table. This is useful for focusing the email topic and personalizing the message. Visit our documentation area to read more about Results Filters.

For more information on our built-in email function and the permission item, visit our Mass Email documentation page.

Mailchimp Integration

While our built-in function is easy to set up and manage, sometimes you need more list management tools or automated sending options. Our Mailchimp integration is a fast way to connect your form with your Mailchimp list. Every form response will automatically add the email address and any other user information to your Mailchimp list. As your list grows, you can then use their world-class email marketing tools to send and manage your email campaigns.

Follow our easy tutorial for connecting your form to your Mailchimp account and you will be sending professional email campaigns in no time.

Zapier Integration

If you have a different preferred email application, you can use our Zapier integration to connect to your form instead. Zapier’s ever-growing list of connected apps includes several email services for you to choose from. Check out our Zapier documentation page for instructions on getting started.

Questions? Comments? Contact FormSite support if you have any questions about this or any other features.

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