Use Your Google Login for Fast & Secure Formsite Access

New for Formsite account holders is the ability to connect your Formsite account with your Google account to make logging in easier. The new Google login feature lets you set up your Formsite account to connect to Google for access to your account and to make logging in easy.

Formsite Google login

The Google login feature is currently only available for primary Formsite account holders and is being considered for Sub-users and Save & Return accounts for the future.

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Scheduled Exports for Automated Results & Backups

One of the most powerful features accessible to all Pro 1 and higher account holders is the Scheduled Exports. This function allows form owners to set up an automatic export to run at a specified interval, then save and optionally email the link to download the export. The saved exports take a snapshot of the Results Table and can be used to process orders, update leads, back up the results, or countless other possibilities.

Formsite scheduled exports

Scheduling exports is an easy way for form owners to create a process to distribute results to team members and/or automate backups. Every account with a Pro 1 or higher service level has access to schedule an export to run at the specified interval. When the system processes the form’s export, the export file is saved in the account for 14 days to allow time to download the results archive.

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Currency Settings for Global Payment Forms

Formsite currencyFormsite makes order forms and payment forms easy with the payment integrations, and a common question is how to change the form’s currency. A form owner can build the order form using any currency and the system will track the amounts normally.

The running total, calculations, and Order Review page display the payment information using the settings from the form’s text and payment integration pages. The ability to customize the currency and send the payment in the correct legal tender make Formsite order forms a powerful global tool.

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Progress Bar, Page Numbers & Custom Indicators

Forms and surveys with many items can benefit from splitting the form into multiple pages. The user experience is better when the form visitor is presented with the questions as needed rather than the entire form at once. Showing the visitor’s position in the form is done using the progress bar and/or page numbers, and form owners can make custom progress indicators, too.

In order to display the progress bar and page numbers, there needs to be more than one page in the form. Adding pages is done in the Form Editor by inserting Page Break items where they’re needed. Once the form has multiple pages, the progress indicators can be used.

Formsite progress bar

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Save Form Results to a Custom MySQL Database

Every new Formsite form gets its own secure database area where its results are saved. Form results are added to the database and stored securely where the form managers can view and edit them. Occasionally there are times when account owners need to connect forms to a different MySQL database that they control, like with a content management system (CMS).

Our goal is to provide useful and practical features for online forms, and we encourage our advanced customers to customize the system where possible. Sending results to a custom MySQL database is a relatively easy start for using Formsite as your custom data collection and processing system.

Formsite MySQL Results

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Avoid Transaction Fees for Payments by Using Formsite

Formsite transaction fees form paymentsCreating registration forms or order forms that collect payments are often made with sites or services that charge additional fees. These transaction fees are added to the regular cost of the service and are typically tacked on to every payment as a processing fee.

Formsite customers do not pay any additional fees. The Pro 1 and higher service levels come with full access to the integrations—including payment processing—and are not charged any per-transaction fees from Formsite.

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My Forms Table & Account Dashboard Walkthrough

The first place everyone sees after logging in to Formsite is the account dashboard page and the My Forms table. If there are existing forms, they will be listed in this table along with lots of information to help form owners quickly see how forms are performing.

Formsite My Forms Account Stats

In addition to the My Forms table, the Account Specs appears on the account dashboard page as a quick look at the entire account numbers. These areas are full of information and features to help account owners maintain their forms and monitor the account limits.

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Matrix Items: Guidelines & Tips for Use

Formsite matrix itemsA matrix is a way to show information in columns and rows, like a table or a spreadsheet. Matrix items are specialty items from Formsite that allow form builders to collect a large number of answers in a smaller area by combining questions in the columns or rows.

In addition to the various Matrix items, there are the specialty Multi-scale items and Star Rating item. These items have been designed to allow form builders to collect information in specific and unique ways.

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