A/B Testing Surveys, Order Forms & Landing Pages

Making new forms can cause anxiety for some new form builders who wonder if they’re making the best form possible. The right questions, the right fonts, the right colors — all can affect the success of the survey or number of submissions. A/B testing lets form owners track the success of changes to the form or survey.

Formsite A/B Testing

A/B testing means having two or more versions of the form with small differences intended to affect the completion rate. Examples of tests for form differences include:

  • Headline changes
  • Number of items per page
  • Required personal information
  • Images and creative layout
  • Fonts, field size, button color, etc.
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Registration Form Templates for Fast Online Forms

Making online registration forms is easy with Formsite’s templates. Categories include order forms, marketing forms, education forms, events, and registration forms. See how to make a signup form fast using registration form templates.

Formsite registration form templates

Types of Registration Forms

Registrations can cover activities and events, or individual registrations like application forms. Some of the popular registration form templates are:

  • Race Registration
  • Activity Registration
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Volunteer Signup
  • Scheduling Form
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Multilingual Forms & Surveys with Formsite

Form owners with the need for multilingual forms and surveys have options with Formsite. Many organizations have users who speak different languages due to location or targeted market. Solutions for multilingual forms include creating multiple manual versions or automating the translation.

Formsite multilingual forms

The method used depends on whether the translated text exists or if it is possible to get easily. If the translation is not easily obtained, the translation service is usually the best option.

The most common methods for making multilingual forms and surveys are:

  1. Create copies of the form as a different language
  2. Make a single form with rules to show items and/or pages in different languages
  3. Use a translation service like Google Translate to automate the translation
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Addressing Email Notifications Using Email and Routing Items

Formsite addressing email Notifications

Forms use Notification emails to send messages after each successful form submission. These emails can go to many recipients including those entered into the form and defined addresses.

Additionally, addressing email Notifications can use routing items for addresses based on selected form answers. Sending only the needed email helps to prevent spam complaints and only send high-value messages.

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Google Calendar: Create Links to Schedule Events

One of the most popular articles shows how to make appointment scheduling forms. Form owners can add links for the appointments as events to Google Calendar, too.

Formsite Google Calendar

The best method is to provide a link in the Success Page or Notification email to add the event to Google Calendar.

This is good for organizations to track appointments without needing to view each result, and also is a good solution for letting form users or managers add the event to their own calendars.

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Success Page Format Uses and Considerations

A powerful tool for Formsite form owners is the Success Page. Choosing from the variety of formats, the form owner can show a basic message, add custom HTML and scripts, or redirect the visitor to a different place. The Success Page always appears after the form’s submission and there are three available formats.

Formsite Success Page format

The Success Page format

Formsite Success Page format settings
  • Standard: Uses the form’s style settings for a matching success page
  • Custom: Allows adding custom HTML and/or scripts
  • Redirect URL: Accepts any properly-formatted URL
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Approval Workflow with a Single Formsite Form

Formsite approval workflow

A popular use for the Workflow features is to collect an approval for a form submission. The approval Workflow begins with the initial form submission, triggering the Notification email. The email contains the link for the approver to view the request and approval items.

Creating a copy of the form just for an approval can take up valuable form space, though. Using the same form for the approval Workflow is possible using Rules to show the approval items.

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